Saulius Pamerneckis, Architect of the Project “The Road of Freedom”, Vilnius City Architects’ Council Board member. I think that Lithuanians become united when they have a common goal – transparent and clear for all. Today such a goal does not exist. Everyone is deeply absorbed by their own problems, is angry and irritated. Maybe the nation will become more united, if each member of the nation thinks unselfishly: ‘What good things have I done to those around me?’

Small portion of the bricks will be redone due to the mistakes and some technical problems. There are still 170 more bricks that can be sold untill March 11th, 2011.

About the Author

Tadas Gutauskas is a sculptor born in Vilnius in 1970.

T. Gutauskas studied sculpture at Vilnius Art Academy and in 1995 graduated with a Master’s Degree. Later he went on internships to Salzburg, Stockholm and Reykjavik.

The author organises exhibitions of his personal works and participates in group exhibitions. The sculptor also arranges and takes part in en plein eirs, fairs, and symposia both in Lithuania and abroad. He is an active member of different organisations – Board of the Association of Independent Art Galleries of Vilnius, Lithuanian Artist Union, and Vilnius Rotary Club “Perkūnas”.

The most outstanding works of the sculptor are the monument for the millennium of Lithuania “The Tree of Unity” in Vingis Park, Vilnius, and the sculpture “For Lithuanian Basketball” erected near Siemens Arena in Vilnius. In 2007, T. Gutauskas was awarded the Order of the Great Duke Gediminas (1st degree) for the latter sculpture and in 2009 the artist received the statuette of St. Christopher for involving society in the creative process.

During the opening of the sculpture “The Tree of Unity” its author said: “We must support each other... Either we are united to achieve something or fall apart, collapse, give in and are bought up piece-by piece. Only a nation united can be strong.”

The author remains loyal to these ideas in his new works.

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