Valdemaras Vaičekauskas, Hortus Investment Banking Board Chairman
In my opinion, Lithuanians are really united because they deserve their own State which they restored and protected 20 years ago. And they are also united because of the choice of the fundamental principles on the basis of which that State is meant to exist – freedom, democracy and market economy. But there is one thing – one State does not yet guarantee a fostering society – the latter is created through the work of its citizens.

Small portion of the bricks will be redone due to the mistakes and some technical problems. There are still 170 more bricks that can be sold untill March 11th, 2011.

Projects Implemented

Today, as never before, the Lithuanian people are scattered all over the world. Some of them are looking for an easier life and the others – having forgotten their roots and patriotism, are determined to live in any country of the world, but not in Lithuania.

On 29 August, seeing the National Basketball Team of Lithuania at the European Basketball Championship in Spain the impressive 5.7 m height and 30 t weight sculpture for the Lithuanian Basketball was erected near Siemens Arena in Vilnius. Meanwhile it is the only sculpture of its kind in Europe.

The Business Triangle in Vilnius on the bank of the River Neris was decorated by one more modern building – 7.5 m height sculpture by Tadas Gutauskas “The Twins”. This modern exterior sculpture erected downtown is the outcome of the five years dream of the artist the realisation of which was proposed by representatives of the Company “Eika”.

Fountain in Palanga (400x240x200), sandstone, stainless steel, chrome-plated copper, diode lighting, water. Architect firm “Arches”


More works of Tadas Gutauskas are available on the author's website: www.gutauskai.lt.

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