Algirdas Kaušpėdas, Architect, Leader of Music Group “Antis”
The issue of solidarity and unity is rather complicated. People are united during époques of totalitarian regimes because they are united, for example, by some idea of Stalin. In a democratic state people must have different opinions and such different opinions must be respected. What happened in Lithuania 20 years ago was solidarity, however it cannot be compared with the present day Lithuania with numerous opinions and all of them right.

Small portion of the bricks will be redone due to the mistakes and some technical problems. There are still 170 more bricks that can be sold untill March 11th, 2011.

Steering Group of the Sculpture “Laisvės kelias”



Angonita Rupšytė, Assistant to Sąjūdis Movement, one of the organisers of “The Baltic Way”
Every Nation is alive as long as it remembers and values its history and future. The spirit of the Nation can vanish if each of us separately and all together – the Children of Lithuania – become indifferent to our country, culture, history and language.

The idea of independence as a burning flame was preserved and carried throughout the entire history of Lithuania. This flame could not be suppressed either by the prohibition of our language, or by more than one occupation of the giant state. From the brightest depths of the history of the national movement, from lips to lips, from heart to heart, and from generation to generation it has been transferred. During the period of revival of the Sąjūdis Movement the Flame of Freedom inflamed the hearts of many people and on 23 August 1989, Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians – 2 million people joined hands in their thirst for Freedom for themselves and future generations and formed The Baltic Way – the way to Freedom, the way to the restoration of independence for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the way to the miracle of The Baltic Way. We were connected by the strength of spirit, each of us felt responsible for the future of our State and each of us had a choice. 11 March 1990 opened a new page of our history – the way of regaining Freedom and in 1991 the way to the Freedom was protected without retreating from this goal.

Preserving our history and joining our ancestors, understanding that we are Lithuania and that we are its children, remembering that Lithuania is small, but its TRUTH is large – to be, to stay Free, each of us every day, every hour, every second on our own initiative, proactive work and feeling a great responsibility for our State – will create its future with our own hands.

I think that this Project will give a chance to each individual – representative of the Nation – to be on “The Road of Freedom”. Let the words of the National Anthem of Lithuania: “Let your Sons draw strength from the past” sound.

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